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LARSEN puslispæl, 1-10 - 36,5 x 28,5 cm (50)

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"One yellow bike, two red apples, three squabbling ducks, ready to tackle. Four juicy grapes, and five bouncing balls, going up and down and hitting the floor. Six creamy yoghurts, 7 chatty parrots, 8 purple flowers, but no orange carrots! There are, however, 9 orange fruits, 10 worldwide globes, just enough for me and you !" This basic number of puzzle encourages and promotes number recognition. Each puzzle piece is carefully displayed with a number. The illustration representing the number is displayed across the frame, directly underneath the higher row. The numbers are in bright, eye-catching colours, with a curved edge. This puzzle comes complete with 10 curved edged pieces that are is best suited to younger children learning their numbers from 1-10.